IFP COVID-19 Update

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May 30th, 2020

AsSalam Alaikum Wa Rahamatullahi Wa Barakatuh!

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

It it Allah’s Infinite Mercy that He has made it possible for us to Re-Open His House !!!

It has been a very long wait, especially through the Blessed month of Ramadan, to have stayed away from our beautiful Masjid.

Here is the current schedule / plan to reopen IFP :

Starting date :
Sunday the 31st of May ( tomorrow ) with Fajr Salah, at 4:45 am InshaAllah.

Location of Salah : In the Community Center ONLY.

The Musalla areas will be sealed shut. This is being done as it is :
(1) Easier to maintain physical distancing in a larger area. And
(2) Hard floor is much easier to clean and disinfect rather than a carpeted area.What will Start :
The Five daily Fard Salah ONLY.

NO other activities / games permitted as yet. ( Jumuah Salah arrangement to be communicated later on InshaAllah. )Capacity :
No significant restrictions in accordance with the most recent IL Governor’s guidelines. However, we will still need to exercise good judgment and follow all safety precautions.

We will continue to modify the above plan and criteria In accordance with up to date guidelines from the IL Government and health experts.

 Please be assured that IFP will only resume its other activities in a very GRADUAL manner WITH full adherence to all Safety Measures.

Please follow the following directions strictly so that we remain in total compliance with prudent safety precautions :

1. ALL attendees MUST wear a Face Mask at ALL times please.
2. Everyone to please bring their own prayer rug / mat for use in the Community Center.
3. ONLY pray at the designated spots marked in the Community Center ( done in accordance with physical distancing guidelines ).

1. Avoid handshake / hugs.
2. Avoid hanging out inside the building before or after the Fard Salah for socializing purposes.
3. Try to pray your Sunnah Salahs and do your Wudu at home.

4. If you are sick or someone at your house is currently sick OR has been sick anytime during the last 14 days, please do not come to the Masjid.
5. Elderly people and those with underlying medical illnesses should also stay away from public places such as the Masjid.
May Allah SWT Allow the Ummah of SAW to once again have unrestrained access to all activities at all His Masajids soon. Aameen !
Jazak Allahu Khairan for your patience and cooperation !
Islamic Foundation of Peoria

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