The Islamic Foundation of Peoria (IFP)

was established on April 28th, 2000. It’s primary mission is to serve the religious needs of the growing Muslim community in the Peoria and Dunlap areas.

Mission Statement

The mission of IFP is to help the Muslim community of Peoria fulfill its religious, social and educational needs and duties related to Islam. This mission will be pursued through the completion of the objectives enumerated below.

  • Make known the religion of Islam, its teachings and philosophy.
  • Provide needed general guidance and/or assistance to Muslims in the community.
  • Invite Muslims into active participation in activities of the Foundation.
  • Implement Islamic education for children and adults.
  • Promote tolerance within the membership.
  • Organize social events to strengthen community relations.
  • Encourage cultural diversity with social unity among Muslims.
  • Make available Islamic services regarding life cycle events for Muslims.
  • Promote friendly relations between Muslims and non-Muslims in the community.

Our Constitution

Our By-Laws

Shura Members
PositionNameContact Info
PRESIDENTBr. Khaja Mohiuddin (Faraz)
SHURA MEMBERBr. Syed Ameenuddin

IFP Committees
Religious EducationImam Mazhar
Imam CommitteeBr. Abdul Ghani (Chair), Sr. Louise, Br. Asif Khan, Br. Mohamed Daoud, Br. Adnan Manan
Youth CommitteeBr. Ibrahim Shaikh (Chair), Imam Mazhar, Br. Adnan Manan, Sr. Louise, Br. Sulaiman Syed, Sr. Numa Syed, Br. Omar Baha
Sister activitiesSr. Louise (Chair), Sr. Aisha Basith
Sports Activities Br. Ibrahim Shaikh (Chair), Sr. Louise, Br. Asad Malik, Br. Raza Mahmood, Br. Irfan Khaleel
Outreach / Dawah CommitteeBr. Abdul Ghani (Chair), Sr. Louise, Br. Jamaluddin Amanullah, Br. Mohamed Salem
Funeral ServicesBr. Mazen Naffakh (Chair), Br. Masood Ali, Br. Abdul Karim Maoued
Interior MaintenanceBr. Ibrahim Shaikh (Chair), Br. Jamaluddin Amanullah, Br. Mohamed Daoud, Br. Nasir Uddin, Br. Irfan Khaleel, Br. Azhar Najmuddin
Exterior MaintenanceBr. Mazen Naffakh (Chair), Br. Azizur Rehman, Br. Shiraz, Br. Asif Khan
Audio / Visual & SecurityBr. Syed Ameenuddin Hussain (Chair), Br. Ibrahim Shaikh, Br. Abdul Ghani, Br. Syed Kareemullah, Br. Zia Ahmed
Website maintenanceBr. Syed Ameenuddin Hussain (Chair), Br. Saad
Finance and FundraisingBr. Fuaad Sayeed (Chair), Br. Shahab Khan
Ramadan & Eid, Social ActivitiesBr. Ibrahim Shaikh (Chair), Br. Nasir Uddin, Sr. Louise, Br. Jamaluddin Amanullah, Br. Asif Khan