Subhan-Allah, Ramadan is almost over and Eid, Insha’Allah, will be on either Friday, June 15th or Saturday, June 16th, depending on the moon sighting announcement by Chicago Hilal Committee.

Below are the Eid prayer details:

Eid Prayer:

Time: 9:00AM (Takbeer starts at 8:30AM)

Location: ICP – 4125 W Charter Oak Rd, Peoria IL 61615

Prayer Arrangement:

  • Brothers will be praying in men’s prayer hall; and any overflow will be in Gym
  • Sisters will be praying in sisters’ prayer hall in the second floor; and any overflow will be in the front section of the Basement Community Hall (area will be marked)

Arrival and Parking: 

  • Please start arriving from 8:15 am.
  • All parking spots in front of the school building and playground area are dedicated for SISTERS ONLY.
  • Brothers will be parking in the parking lot around the Masjid building
  • Brothers coming with families must drop off their families at the roundabout and then proceed to the Masjid parking lot.

Brunch after Prayer:

  • Please bring 2 dishes to share: one for sisters and one for brothers
  • Sisters will eat in the Basement Community Hall (the entire basement will be dedicated for Sisters only)
  • Brothers will eat in the Gym (half of the Gym will be dedicated for brothers only)

Kids Activities:

  • Kids Fun on The Run activities will be located in half of the Gym after Eid prayer till 1:00pm

Donation: (requested at the doors as a contribution towards Eid expenses)

  • Families: $20 per family
  • Singles: $10 per person

Landmark Recreation Center (Free Family Bowling):

  • 24 lanes of the Landmark Recreation Center is reserved on the afternoon of Eid (Either on Jun 15th 3pm-7pm or Jun 16th 3pm -7pm) for our community youth and adults.  Please join us and celebrate Eid with your fellow Muslims
  • Landmark Recreation Center Address is 3225 N Dries Lane, Peoria IL 61604 (Next to Walmart on University street)
  • Our community members coming to bowling do not have to pay there

Eid Dinner:

  • Date: Eid Dinner will be on same night of Eid (June 15 or 16)
  • Location: Masjid Salaam IFP, 823 W Salaam Dr, Peoria IL 61615
  • Time: Asr Iqama only on that day will be 7:15, followed by dinner at 7:30pm (Please come on time)
  • Menu: Arabic Salad, Rice, Humus, Bread, Chicken Shawarma, Ground Beef Curry with potatoes and peas, Cheese Pizza, and Variety of Sweets (Baklava, Kheer, Mixed Fruit Trays, Cookies, and Ice Cream)

Donation: (requested at the doors as a contribution towards Eid Dinner expenses)

  • Singles: $10 per person
  • Families: $30 per family maximum (Donations are welcome)
  • Bradley students free

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