History of Black Muslims in US by visiting speaker – Imam Bashir Ali

The Legacy and History of the Black Muslim Community are deeply rooted in the fabric of this Nation.
There were many sacrifices that were executed on their part; fighting for justice, equality and endeavoring to champion the rights of human beings who were and are generally “othered”.
Join Imam Bashir Ali at IFP with the aspiration of building bridges and learning about the History of Black Muslims in the United States; a segment of this beautiful Ummah which is so valuable; yet very so often, regrettably forgotten.
Imam Bashir will be speaking at the Islamic Foundation of Peoria on Sunday February the 19th at 6 pm, in shā Allāh.
Snacks will be served, in shā Allāh!
Maghrib salah @ 5:45 PM
Isha Salah @ 7:30 PM
May Allāh empower us, educate us and facilitate means of unity and guidance for us all. May Allāh the Almighty populate our Masjid with genuine devotees.
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Feb 19 2023


6:00 pm - 7:30 pm
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